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Research and Development

Bilen R & D department is in close cooperation with Istanbul technical University since 2006, and has finalized many projects with success in the last decade. Bilen R & D is carrying out the design, prototyping, laboratory and field tests of exhaust and emission control systems according to customer requirements. The accoustics and back-pressure tests of samples and prototypes prepared in all projects in the company are made in Bilen R & D Laboratory.

R&D department also plays a key role in many projects and studies within the company such as specific machine designs, as well as building emission control systems to be used by OEMs and Aftermarket end-users.

Emission Control

Today, a major reason of pollution is harmful gases and particulate matter from the exhaust gases of vehicles and machinery. Emission control systems are used by manufacurers in order to reduce vehicle - based pollution, using Three-Way Catalytic Converters (THW), Oxidation Catalysts (DOC), Particulate Filters (DPF) and Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) that are integrated into exhaust systems.

Bilen R & D works on the design, development and testing of emission control systems. Studies are in process for emission control systems used on off-road vehicles such as tractors and construction machines.

Exhaust Flow and Accoustics

Back-pressure of exhaust systems are measured on the back-pressure test bench, where the flow rate and temperature values are taken into consideration. On accoustics testing devices, transmission loss, noise reduction and insertion loss measurements of exhaust systems are made. Transmission loss measurements are carried out according to regulations: ASTM E 1050-08 and TS EN ISO 10534-2. 

Some completed R & D Projects

  • Türk Traktör - F5C engine, Iveco 8000 series, 48 hp
  • CNH Italy-Utility Tractor (F5C engine)
  • CNH America-SSL machines - two engine types
  • Otokar - armored vehicle projects
  • Hidromek-4 excavator and 2 digger / loaders
  • Various Aftermarket developments
  • Aftermarket DPF and Catalytic Converter studies
  • DPF and SCR Cleaning System
  • Diesel 75 HP Stage 3B emission control system

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