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BILEN  produces all kinds of exhaust silencers and pipes as well as back pressure, deep drawn silencers, catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters, special purpose bent pipe parts.

CNC tube bending machines are used in the pipe processing section. Black / mild steel, aluminized, aluminum and stainless tubes between 16 mm and 150 mm diameter can be bent. 1D radius can be used according to requirements, and wide radius (push bending) can be made. Protection cages, rops, heat shields, holder pipes, pneumatic and hydraulic fluid transfer pipes, radiator pipes, spark arresters, intercooler pipes are produced at all kinds of circular and rectangular forms at various thicknesses.

Project management, design, prototyping works, back pressure, acoustics and gas analysis tests are carried out in the R & D laboratory for exhaust and aftertreatment (emission control) systems. The first product prototyping in all parts is done with three-dimensional printer.

Manual and robot welding processes are used in production. Muffler and tube leakage test benches are used in the body line.

According to EURO 5, EURO 6, Stage III-B and Stage IV emission regulations for all motor vehicles and off-road vehicles in recent years, SCR Catalysts and Diesel Particulate Filters are integrated in the exhaust systems to reduce harmful gases and the exhaust pipes It is necessary to keep the temperature of the gas inside with the least loss. The most suitable production method used to achieve this is called Metal Encapsulated Isolation (MEI). BILEN is able to present all types of isolation to its customers. In addition to MEI, which provides resistance up to 1260 ° C, traditional insulation, heat shields and insulation jackets produced from special fireproof materials are the main ones.

Most of the products are made in the quality department with the control of welding process, source penetration and micro vickers hardness devices. In Bilen quality laboratory, paint coating thickness, paint adhesion test, paint heat resistance test, sheet and pipe material hardness tests are done. The special internal cleaning process for the intercooler and hydraulic piping according to customer technical specifications is verified by special precision weighing and microscopic examination. Dimensional control of compliance with technical drawings of all parts is carried out in laser CMM measuring machines.

All toolings, fixtures and equipment used in press, pipe bending and welding assembly sections in the factory are made in Bilen tooling department. Toolings designed by the engineering department are prepared in a fully equiped workshop with CNC milling machines. In addition to tooling production, some machines used in production are also made in the company.

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